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There are plenty of opportunities for fishing nearby, ranging from Lilstock Beach, just 15 minutes away, to Blue Anchor Bay (25 minutes), one of the most popular locations on the West Somerset coast. Year-round fishing can take place at either location, amongst many others, with expected species ranging from rays and whiting to cod and Dover sole. Sea fishing trips can also be taken from harbours such as Watchet, or those who prefer freshwater species can catch them on Hawkridge Reservoir, Wimbleball Lake, or at plentiful other locations in the immediate area.

Hawkridge Reservoir is only 20 minutes’ drive from Pardlestone Farm and, despite its relatively small size, provides a level and variety of sport to rival the best in the UK. The reservoir is stocked with trout including rainbows, browns, tigers, golden and blue; arctic char have recently been introduced and the fishery was one of the first in the country to introduce spartic trout – a cross between brook trout and arctic char. The fishing lodge provides an angler’s lounge, returns facilities and there are scales to weigh your catch.